Lesson 18

The Ten Commandments of Building Confidence

  1. Confidence begins and ends with YOU.You have to start with the idea that you can do something or achieve great things.  The thought that you can be something bigger than you ever thought was possible is the Firestarter!
  2. What you think about …..you bring about!You are the sum total of all of your total experiences in your life.  What you choose to think about becomes your reality.  Choose wisely.  Choose to believe in yourself.
  3. Do it……until you become it!Pursue the road to success, no matter how many times you fail and stumble, get up and get back on that road.  The road to success and confidence is always under construction and it is always a rough and tumble road.  You cannot fake your way through life.  Hitch up your big boy or big girl pants and get going!
  4. When you think thoughts to yourself or speak to yourself…..be growth producing.Be positive and optimistic.  You never gain anything positive out of a negative thought!  What you say to yourself every day becomes your reality.
  5. Hang around big time people who have big time dreams and be proactive!Like attracts like.  Gain momentum and support from people who are big thinkers and doer’s just like yourself. Catch the emotional power!
  6. Always ask successful people for their guidance and wisdom. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil and when you ask the best for their help, they are almost always ready to offer their assistance!Never back down from the rich, famous or powerful. In the beginning, they were just like you…..the only thing that got them to where they are today is that they were not afraid to ask!  Neither should you!
  7. Confidence is created when you eliminate the doubt and get into the process of being competent.When you know what you know, there is no way for you to feel out of control or powerless.  Create your experience and your expertise….one thought at a time! Remember, every little success builds up into a mountain of positive experience which equates to poise and wisdom.
  8. When you encounter difficulty and obstruction, do not despair.Dig deep and tell yourself “I can handle this”!   Take a step back, refresh your energy and go back in and engage yourself with facing the fear and the difficulty.
  9. Always get to a YESmindset in everything you do! The world is filled with nothing but NO’s and “You aren’t this or that”.    Disregard the naysayers and the people who are holding you back.  Get on your horse and ride to the sound of success!
  10. Confidence always comes from inside of you. Yes, it is nice for others to believe in you, but in the end, it is all up to you. Become the Alpha and the Omega of your life and all of the success that you want to fill it with. It is worth the price of admission.  Be Big.

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