A Final Word

A Final Word

If I had one last thought to share with you it would be this: Be Big.  Be big in your belief and big in your dreams.  Do not let anyone in this world tell you that you cannot do something.  Do not let the naysayers nor the negative or small thinkers try and hold you back from going where you want to go.  I can’t think of anyone who got anywhere significant who thought small or didn’t believe they could be someone great or achieve great things.  You have the book and the tools to develop your talent and become as big as you believe you can be.

And here’s a little secret.  You know the opening story about the Mother who told her son to go out and make a big noise?  Well, that little boy is me.  Throughout my entire life I have held those words close to my heart and have been so inspired by her message that it has propelled me to do great things for a lot of wonderful people.  Now I bestow that message on to YOU…..

“Dynamite comes in small packages….go out and make a BIG NOISE!”


May you always grow in confidence,


Dr. Robert K. Winters

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