Lesson 6 Review

Questions for Your Contemplation


(Read and review…..just to get you thinking!)


  1. Now that you have been presented with a different view of confidence, how does this change your initial assessment or idea of what confidence meant to you?


  1. What was the one item or items that impacted you the most about the new definition?


  1. How does the new definition of confidence resemble your definition that you wrote down at the beginning of this chapter?


  1. Do you or anyone you know, emulate any or all of the qualities of confidence that is being presented at the end of this chapter?If you answered yes, then how do they project themselves differently than other people without that same level of self-confidence?


  1. From your answers to the questions at the beginning of the chapter, what is the one thing that you can take away from understanding the new definition that will help you overcome your self-sabotage and short selling yourself?


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