Module 3 Tapping into Your Gold Mine

The Confidence Course


Section II     Uncovering a New Gold Vein!


In this Section:


In Section I, we discovered that confidence has a number of various definitions and that with each definition brings new input to the overall meaning of the word.  Confidence as we have previously stated is not just believing in yourself or the thought that you can do a thing, but it is a combination of skill sets, competencies, values and resistance to negative influences.  What we will examine in this section of the course is to look at what confidence gives you as a value to your human experience. We will take a look at many of the “abilities of confidence” that augment our lives every day.  We will also investigate how it impacts your business, social, athletic and personal life and why we value the thought of always maintaining and creating new streams of confidence.  We will take a look at creating a zone of personal control that will help in formulating your value strength and also recognize the enemies of confidence that sap you of your most valuable asset for inner strength.

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