Lesson 8 Review

Confidence Lessons from The Alex Glick Story

  1. Alex Glick thought and believed he was a good dancer.Whether he could be objectively judged as a good dancer is not the point. His opinion is the only one that mattered and that he wanted to show his ability to dance is paramount to this story. What one truly believes is an exhibition of durable faith that is not privy to insults, slams or rejections.
  2. Many times during our lives, we come to a crossroad where we have to take a stand and say: “This is how I want to think, act, feel and behave.”Alex Glick did that and got through the several rejections that eventually turned into him tapping into a gold mine.  Sometimes success is hanging in there a bit longer and staying true to one’s inner voice.
  3. The ability to resist the slings and arrows of others and impact our self-confidence is a huge aspect of being confident. Deflecting the negativity of others and remaining true to one’s vision is the core of self-confidence. The hardiness of one’s character to strive towards the light even when there is total darkness is the absolute measure of one’s fortitude and willpower.  These are the real attributes that are directly relatable to developing durable and reliable self-confidence.
  4. Patience is a virtue in every aspect of our lives.Patience is confidence waiting to happen and you never know what will trigger this feeling of stepping forward and going for the gold!  Alex stayed patient and persistent moving from one rejection to the next.  His continuation to move forward was rewarded in the end.
  5. Sometimes, human beings are very cruel to one another and say things that are hateful and hurtful.What many of the older boys may not have realized at that time, but the real losers are those who dare not flex their risk muscle and take a chance on life and the opportunities that await all of us.  By staying in the safe area and not risking rejection, they failed to learn anything and grow.   Remember, that the harbors that do not move water become stagnate and die.  The same is true for human beings.  If we dare not to strive or take risks, we slowing stagnate and do not grow in wisdom or experience.
  6. Alex Glick reminded himself that growing in confidence is a self-fulfilling prophesy.If he didn’t do it, it was not going to get done.  Much like the Golden Book story of The Little Red Hen, Alex decided to take it upon himself to put himself out there and ask people to dance.  Self-motivation and self-persuasion are two of the biggest factors for growing in confidence.

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