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The Confidence Doctor’s™ 10 Mental Rules for Great Putting

What I have come to the conclusion is this: Everyone is a unique being and we all have to find what works best for each of us.  Every golfer has an optimal way of thinking, learning and performing.  The key is to identify what works best for you.  Once you know what to do, you then have to trust your process and then commit that process to efficient execution.  And if you believe in your process and have consistent repeatability in this fine motor skill, then you can become a great putter.  However, getting yourself to believe in your process and essentially to believe in your talent…..well, that is the sole premise of this book.  The rules contained within these pages are your access keys to tapping into your own putting genius.  Compliance to these rules is vital.

But let me be absolutely clear about one thing:  Putting is more about your attitude and belief system than it ever is about your physical mechanics.  Now, I know that possessing a solid and repeatable technique can make any golfer better on the greens….. There is no room for debate on that issue.  And frankly, I applaud the efforts of people improving their physical technique.  But there is absolutely no substitute for having a solid philosophy about your putting and believing that you can become a great putter.

I also believe it is important to understand that putting as a skill is relatively easy, it is dealing with missing that is the hard part.  By accepting the premise that you will miss sometimes, but that your intent is to make every putt, is one that will keep you focused on each and every putt and lead to greater success on the green.  All of the great putters that I know, worked with, or have interviewed, hold a simple philosophy about getting the ball into the hole as quickly as possible, versus trying to make a perfect stroke on every putt.  They also love the challenge that putting presents, or they learned to love it.  In the game of golf, to be your best on the greens, you must do one or the other, and not view putting as a necessary evil.

I hope that you can learn to fall in love with your putting.  It seems as if there is no other option that can have such a positive impact on your game as falling in love with rolling the ball on the green carpet!  By dedicating yourself to these 10 mental rules of great putting will show up in the number of putts you’ll make on the green!  Remember, the moment you change your mind about your putting….Your putting fortune will change as well!  Enjoy the read!

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This course is delivered in weekly installments. You get 10 total lessons: Instant access to lesson 1 then you get a new lesson each week with a video practice drill. Do the practice drill each week and by the end of the course, you’ll be putting like the pros!

–Dr. Robert K. Winters, The Confidence Doctor

“Dr. Bob has been a big influence, guiding me on my journey to the PGA Tour.”

Ben Taylor, Tour

“Working with Dr. Bob has enabled me to be the best I can be.”

Jodi Ewart Shadoff, LPGA Tour

“Dr. Bob has been with me every step on my journey to the LPGA!”

Kris Tamulis, LPGA

“It’s awesome to know I have someone like Dr. Bob in my corner.”

Adam Cianciarulo, Professional Motocross

What can I say? You continue to amaze and knock it out of the ballpark. Your passion for the game and helping is amazing. Thank you once again for supporting me and helping out with a session at the FACA Clinic. I can tell you that your message was very well received and the coaches are excited to take some great ideas back to their programs. Wishing you continued success and if I can ever help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Rob Robison

Winter Park HS Golf

Dr Bob was great, I believe he really added a special aspect to the training, going back to learning how to be a coach or mentor. As someone who works in sports psychology it was a pleasure to listen and learn.