Lesson 4

 Why Do People Love to Feel Confident?


The main reason people love to feel confident is two-fold.  The first reason is that they believe in their skill set that they can do something or achieve a goal.  That is a global value system of confidence.  You believe in yourself! The second aspect is more of a feeling or emotional value.  That is, people love to feel confident because it gives them a feeling of being fearless or immortal. In other words, they are not afraid of messing up or fearing failure.  With this type of bullet-proof feeling, they are free to go ahead and play, perform or speak without the hindrances of feeling doubt, failing or embarrassing themselves.  They simply perform to their developed talent.


Think about a boxer, the left jab is your self-belief. You have the skill and you know it intellectually. But your right hand knockout punch is where you feel powerful, almost immortal.  You feel fearless and that nothing can harm you or hurt you.  You are invulnerable. That is the real reason people love to feel confident……they feel powerful and do not feel the fear!  That makes them ferocious in the ring!

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