Lesson 1 Review

Confidence Lessons from Story # 1

  1. True confidence starts with an idea, a philosophy and a steadfast allegiance to staying true to that concept.Parents, friends and others can have a significant impact on one’s ability to understand what it means to believe in oneself.
  2. Often, people receive motivation and support from external sources that help create a “tipping point” for them overcoming their own self-doubt and limitations.
  3. Durable confidence often comes with a price that people sometimes have to work very hard in order to sustain and maintain that unique level of self-belief.
  4. Patience is a virtue in every aspect of our lives.Patience is confidence waiting to happen and you never know what will trigger this feeling of stepping forward and going for the gold!
  5. Sometimes, human beings are motivated by others telling them that they cannot do something and that this becomes a personal directive to show others that they CAN do these things.This is a reverse effect from positive support.  When others tell you that you cannot do something, you dig deeper into your resolve to prove them wrong and yourself right!
  6. Sometimes others believe more in ourselves than we do.By being aware of this statement and recognition, one can turn their life around by simply understanding the logic “that everyone cannot be wrong and me always right”.  By acknowledging that one has a number of supporters that indicate you have talent, it becomes paramount to your success to listen with an objective ear and make a move towards their direction.
  7. A reputation never defeated anyone.Reputations and impressive resumes’ only defeat someone if that person allows the hype and reputation to affect their perspective.  This is the concept of intimidation.  Once you understand that performance is about you and only you….nothing that anyone can say or do can affect you.   The choice is what voice in your head you listen to.
  8. Finally, the most important lesson is that one can overcome the fear and the self-doubt that runs rampart through every human being’s life.Victory is possible!  And with that single victory, it can start a burst of momentum that can carry over into every phase of your life!

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