The Confidence Doctor’s™ Confidence Course

The Confidence Course

“Creating A New Reality One Thought at a Time”


“Creating genuine confidence for yourself is the ultimate self-fulfilling prophesy”

Dr. Robert K. Winters


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Welcome to The Confidence Course….Creating Your Reality One Thought at a Time! I am Dr. Robert K. Winters and I want to personally welcome you to this exciting new program because by simply opening your mind to the possibility that you want more, it already proves that you are on the right track to achieving success and personal goal transformation!   Let’s face a basic fact.  Everyone wants to feel special and that their input in this world makes a difference. I am convinced that no one really wants to be average or mediocre in their life. If they do, they are underselling their personal genius.  In truth, they are selling themselves short of everything that they could have or want. Personally, I want more for myself and for YOU!

If you don’t know my background, please let me introduce myself.  I am known around the globe as Dr. Bob Winters.  I am a sport psychologist that has assisted thousands of people transform their minds and games into champions at every level of competition.  I have worked with Olympic, professional and amateur athletes, high school and junior teams and business corporations and individuals who aspire to achieve personal and professional goals and turn their dreams into created realities! Based on the success of my work with different clients and athletes over the past 30 years, I have created personal action programs to enhance their levels of self-belief and competence. And now that you are here, I can do the same for you!

But ultimately, the real reason that I created this course is that many people are not reaching their goals or living their dreams. Instead, they are frustrated, discouraged and often depressed when they look around and ask themselves: “Is this as good as it gets?!?”  The reality is that you do not have to accept mediocrity, live paycheck to paycheck, or simply accepting the idea that your life is just “the way it is”. You can have more, right now, if you simply take the time to change your mind about what it is that you truly want! You may ask: How do I obtain it? The answer is by tapping into the most precious element in the entire universe and that is your power of belief that we call CONFIDENCE!

True and enduring CONFIDENCE is the single, greatest human feeling or performance edge that we can create, develop, and reinforce to help us transform our lives to another level of living.  Just as 24 karat gold is one of our Earth’s most precious jewels, so too is CONFIDENCE!  True and durable CONFIDENCE is the most sought after human skill because it allows you to do things with a sense of self-assurance and without the fear of worry and self-doubt!

Ask yourself: When you see someone walking down the street with their head held high and they have a smile on their face……what is going on with that person? When you see someone step in front of an audience and deliver a personal story or message with the composure of a professional speaker…what is it that they possess that you may not?  Or finally, when you witness a spectacular feat of human performance in the Dance Theater or athletic field, what is it that this person was feeling that allowed them to excel?  The answer to all of these questions is that each one of these people was exuding the learned attribute of CONFIDENCE!

And now, I can help you achieve that same level of CONFIDENCEthat you have always wanted to attain.  Think about it, what if you were to become the person that you always wanted to be and that it was truly possible to walk, talk and believe that things were going to work out for you, no matter the difficulty or challenge that you were facing?  To be able for once in your life to say: “I Can Handle This!”  Do you think things would be different for you? Of course they would!  And here is the great news!  They can be!  Simply sign in and let’s get started to helping you develop and become the person you have always wanted to be.

The journey you take will be fun, exciting and entirely attainable.  All you need to do is open your mind and think about the possibilities.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose…… except your fear of always being “one of the crowd” or merely average.  In reality……there is something much, much more for you than status quo.  Your life is not about being average, you deserve to be special!  This course is designed to help you uncover, discover and rediscover the best and most CONFIDENT YOU!   Let’s begin by you clicking into the first lesson and discovering the gold mine that is 24 Karat Gold CONFIDENCE that is within YOU!

Wishing you a fantastic journey,

Dr. Robert K. Winters

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